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02/27/2020 10:33 AM
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Kabir Ahmed Khawaja

Director Public Affairs at Jammu Kashmir TV (JKTV)

Khawaja Kabir Ahmed (Belgian Kashmiri) is a renowned TV anchor within Kashmiri community else where presented a variety of live, interactive and recorded shows including one to one in-depth biographical interviews and multiple participants debate and discussion shows with prominent personalities representing different walks of life.

He has been working since long time in the field of journalism and his specific subject of interests has always been the State of Jammu Kashmir therefore, since 2015 Talat Butt lonched Jammu Kashmir TV (JKTV) Mr Ahmed left all other platforms and joined JKTV because in his words, he believe that JKTV is the only platform where there is no censorship and he can work without any restrictions and raise the voice of the voiceless people of the state of Jammu Kashmir.

Currently he is
Director Public Affairs and Anchor person at JKTV
Hosting 2 regular shows weekly

1. Jammu Kashmir Round Up: aim to discuss and highlight globally political situation and its impacts on the state of Jammu Kashmir as well as highlight public issues and human rights situation in the state of Jammu Kashmir. In this show different political and social personalities take part in discussion or debates.

2 Mother language (Maa Boli):  This show is in his mother language “Pahari” aim to protect mother language following the right to protect mother language granted by UNO. In this show he invite different personalities such as writers, poets and others to discuss and highlight values of mother langue etc.
He can be reached via email

He is fully aware of confidentiality and accuracy issues in various situations and setups in voluntary and public sectors. Equipped with coordination and management skills and abilities.

His articles on different issues have been Published in renowned Urdu newspapers. He worked on Community Radios as presenter and trained some others in the field.

He is multilingual - fluent in Pahari, Urdu Punjabi,  English, Flemish and Arabic

He has completed his Honours Degree in Journalism from the University of Derby in 2017 at the same time he did Level 3 Award In Education and Training from City College Nottingham

He gained BTECH Level 5 HND Diploma in Creative Media Production from Ice Academy Leicester in 2015

Before moving to Europe he has completed degree ,Bachelor of Commerce from University of Karachi in 1990.

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