Like A Sufi - MC Kash & Alif - 101 Sufi Song

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Sufi-ethnic rock meets hip hop in India's first ever Sufi rap.
India's first Sufi Rap brings together Alif's signature Sufi ethnic rock sound with Kashmiri rapper MC Kash's strong lyrics and hip hop beats. The word Sufi carries with it a mystic element. Like A Sufi aims to capture that mysticism, the feeling of being lost in the search for truth. Sung in Kashmiri (or Kosur), a language spoken primarily in the valley of Kashmir and Chenab, the song is an attempt to save this dying language.

For centuries, Sufism, the inner mystical dimension of Islam, has enraptured its followers while fascinating non-believers. It effortlessly combines the meditative calmness of pure devotion with the ecstatic passion of soul-stirring music. 101Sufi is a story of both the present and the past. Modern Sufi music is presented through a series of collaborations, journeys and documentaries. The genre’s history is discovered by creating contemporary portraits of the greatest Sufi poets and scholars.



Alif & MC Kash - Like A Sufi
Produced by 101 India
Directed & Edited by : Sajeed A.
Director of Photography : Hari Vedantham
Assistant Director : Vasu Mahajan


Music Written & Composed by Hardik Vaghela and Mohammad Muneem Nazir
Rap Written by MC Kash
Asst Music Producer: Aman Moroney
Keyboards : Hardik Vaghela
Guitars : Savio Sebastian, Aman Moroney, Ashish Manchanda
Bass : Amit Gadgil
Percussion, Darbauka : Karan Chitra Deshmukh
Recording Engineers : Aman Moroney, Lionel Crasta, Ashish Manchanda
Junior Engineers : Aniruddha Purushe, Prashant Srivastava, Amit Kulkarni, Saumitra Sinha, Vedika Chandran, Udayan Dharmadhikari, Stefan Mendonsa, Aman Arakh
Mixed, Mastered & Music Produced by Ashish Manchanda at
© ℗ 2016 Flying Carpet Productions

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