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"Who are these monsters who have been invited –
When we are all incarcerated within the four walls?
The flag of Democracy has been burnt by the fire of Tyranny
It's to fill their pockets
That they've staged this farce
People have been herded at gun-point
And called to listen to their speeches

Into the lap of my valley
Modi's coming is unacceptable
Murderer of innocents –
His coming is unacceptable
Guardian of Prejudice –
His coming is unacceptable.

Because I want Azadi - Freedom, freedom!
From false promises
From Meaningless institutions
*From Hindustan
- Azadi"

*this line is added. hd

that Kashmiris want freedom from Indian Occupation happens to be a truth that cannot be repeated often enough. especially in order to preëmpt the normalization of Kashmiris' dilemma as being the same as that of all other Indians' -- don't all Indians want freedom from false promises and meaningless institutions?!

as Sanjay Kak points out, this suggested last line albeit important would be at the poet's discretion. and I agree. in fact, given the range of meanings that the word, Azadi, connotes in Kashmir, my suggested line is already implicit in it.

however it is outside of J&K, and especially after a banal appropriation of "ham kyā chāhte? AZADI" by people of the occupying state, that the meaning of Azadi as "independence" can become obfuscated and lose its precise political punch... (and thus the problem inherent in appropriating or hijacking material from an oppressed group by those with comparatively more power, especially when they willy-nilly belong to the oppressors' group. the debate on the hashtag ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ is extremely relevant in this regard.)

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