‘The Black Calendar

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‘The Black Calendar marks new beginning in Kashmir’s theatre movement’

EKTA School of Drama-&-Repertory, Srinagar presented its new production “The Black Calendar”, which was directed by an NSD Alumni M. Muzamil Hayat Bhawani. In the dearth of a proper performance space, the play was performed in the central hall of J&K Cultural Academy, at Lal Mandi, Srinagar, which so far was being used just as a seminar hall.
In the history, the theatre of Kashmir witnessed a new experiment of theatre which could be well marked as a new beginning and new departure of the erstwhile dead theatre movement of Kashmir.
The hall turned into a mini-studio theatre, designed by Bhawani Bashir Yasir for the play, was itself as a new experiment of exploring performance space which is a big issue in Kashmir. And presenting such a bold, honest and professional production of high artistic and aesthetic standard of theatre, it can be remarked that EKTA School of Drama-&-Repertory deserved kudos for such initiatives to lead the theatre movement of Kashmir.


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